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Domino’s Pizza Singapore Brings You a Trufflicious Hari Raya

With Hari Raya right around the corner, look no further than the limited-time only Truff-Elation Pizza here at Domino’s Pizza Singapore! Halal-certified, the truffle goodness will be something we are sure you and your loved ones will love this festive season!

With special deals and promotions coming your way, Domino’s Pizza Singapore will definitely be one trufflicious choice for your Raya celebrations.

The Truff-Elation pizza is served on a thin, crispy and light New York crust to complement the decadence of the premium truffle cheese sauce, made exclusively here in Singapore. Topped with freshly cut white button mushrooms and stringy mozzarella cheese, this Pizza will definitely be a crowd pleaser at your next house visit.

In addition, enjoy Domino’s special Truffle Chicken Mac & Cheese. Expect a warm bowl of creamy pasta mixed with mushrooms and smoked chicken breast paired perfectly well with the aromatic truffle cheese sauce. This will be a wonderful choice for your datuk and nenek, a light and delectable offer at the dinner table.

With so many relatives and friends coming over for house parties this Hari Raya, dig in with Domino’s truffling-good deals:

Truff-Elation Delight at $28.80 (U.P $45.10): 

1 Regular Truff-Elation Pizza,

1 Salsa sauce,

1 Chicken side and

2 cans of soft drinks

Truff-Elation Supreme at $58.80 (U.P $99.00): 

1 Large Truff-Elation Pizza,

2 Salsa sauces,

1 Chicken side,

1 Marbled Cookie Brownie and

1 bottle of soft drink (1.5L)

Truff-Elation Mania at $88.80 (U.P $166.30): 

1 Extra Large Truff-Elation Pizza,

2 Large Pizza,

2 Salsa sauce,

1 Awesome Foursome,

1 Marbled Cookie Brownie and

2 bottles of soft drinks (1.5L)

The Truff-Elation Mania campaign will run till 16 May 2022. Enjoy the Truff-Elation pizza fresh out of the oven at your nearest Domino’s Pizza outlet or place your orders via https://www.dominos.com.sg for Click & Collect orders or guaranteed 30-minute fast delivery. You can also drop us a line at 6222 6333.


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