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Pepper Lunch Malaysia Joins Forces With Boga Group To Be The Master Franchisee Of Pepper Lunch In Malaysia

(from left) Mr Wong Wai Wai: General Manager (Operation Department) of Pepper Lunch Singapore; Mitsunobu San: General Manager of SFBI (Suntory F&B International) Singapore; Adachi San: Managing Director of SFBI (Suntory F&B International); Mr Kusnadi Rahardja: Co-Founder & CEO of Boga Group; Mr Harianto Teh: Managing Director of Boga Group; Mr Leong: Director of Pepper Lunch Malaysia; Ms Micco Goh: Shareholder of Pepper Lunch

Targeting To Open More Than 10 Outlets By 2023

Malaysia, September 8, 2022 Good news for all Pepper Lunch lovers! This DIY (Do-It-Yourself) steakhouse now welcomes Pepper Lunch Malaysia and Boga Group as the Master Franchisee in Malaysia. Having entered the Malaysian market in 2019, this joint venture promises the wonderful potential of more Pepper Lunch outlets opening by 2023.

Pepper Lunch is a Japanese “fast-steak” restaurant with nearly 500 outlets worldwide. Presenting a novel concept of sizzling Steaks, Pastas, Curry Rice, and the signature Pepper Rice, Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh culinary experience for everyone at an affordable price.

Goh Ching Mun, Director of Pepper Lunch Malaysia said, “We are excited to be collaborating with Boga Group to continuously grow our presence in Malaysia. We believe that their experience of being the Master Franchisee in Indonesia will benefit us and guide us in the right direction for more customers to enjoy the much-loved Pepper Rice.”

Having first opened in Ofuna, Kanagawa in 1994, Pepper Lunch allows customers to be their own master chef. The finest and freshest ingredients are assembled on a patented sizzling hot teppan and customers are able to immerse themselves in the wholesome experience of “Sizzling It Your Way”. For a different twist, customers can experiment with the exquisitely crafted sauces to create a taste of their own. Trust us when we say, it’s guaranteed to be simply irresistible!

President Director of Boga Group, Mr Kusnadi said that Pepper Lunch has been growing in demand, hence the decision to collaborate with Pepper Lunch Malaysia to be the Master Franchisee in Malaysia comes as no surprise. “We look forward to continuously working together to grow and expand in Malaysia. Our goal is to have 20 outlets in 5 years and we believe that Pepper Lunch Malaysia is the ideal partner to make our expansion plans a reality.”

At Pepper Lunch, meals are made using an electromagnetic cooker. The iron plate can be heated up to 260C in 70 seconds and remain hot at approximately 80C for more than 20 minutes. Meat grilled at this temperature range remains tender and juicy. The iron plate also keeps food warm for a longer period so that customers can enjoy the full flavour of the dish.

At the moment, some of the more popular dishes at Pepper Lunch are the Sirloin Steak, Beef Pepper Rice, Chicken Pepper Rice, Beef Aglio Olio and Cheesy Omelette Chicken/Beef. With the announcement of this master franchise between Pepper Lunch Malaysia and Boga Group, there will be no changes to the existing menu. However, new items are set to be introduced from time to time.

SFBI (Asia-Pacific) Pte Ltd is currently the Franchisor for Pepper Lunch in Asia.

About Pepper Lunch

Started in Japan in 1994, Pepper Lunch is a DIY casual dining concept, with nearly 500 outlets worldwide. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and unique culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of sizzling Premium Steaks, Pastas, Cheese Curry Rice and signature Pepper Rice. Founded by trained chef, Kunio Ichinose, his vision is to provide fast, tasty steak, at reasonable prices for people who wish to have a meat dish every day. Ichinose’s strong passion for serving tasty steak and customers’ dedicated support has been the driving force for Pepper Lunch’s rapid expansion beyond Asia and around the world.

About Boga Group
Boga Group is one of the leading restaurant groups in Indonesia. Established in 2002, it is now operating 15 brands with more than 300 outlets across the country. At the moment, Boga Group is the largest operator of Pepper Lunch outside of Japan with 68 stores. For further information, please visit: https://boga.id


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