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CP Foods secures Farm F1rst assurance for its commitment to animal welfare and food security

14 Sep 2022 – Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CP Foods) becomes the first Thai company that secures the UK’s Farm F1rst certification for its chicken production process, affirming its commitment to food security and safe supply chain that underpins animal welfare.

The certification amplified CP Foods’ traceable and internationally-recognized practices on animal and worker welfare as well as environmental care.

Dr. Payungsak Somyanontanakul DVM. Vice President for Food standard as President of CP Foods Animal welfare committee, said that the Company has placed its emphasis on international animal welfare standards in the meat production process. This has resulted in confidence among major trade partners like the European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan which have continuously placed orders for CP Foods chicken for more than 3 decades. The LR Farm F1rst assurance is the latest proof that CP Foods has continually upgraded its production in line with international practices concerning animal and worker welfare and the environmental health. CP Foods is the first Thai company to be certified and this will assure consumers in the UK that CP Foods products come from an ethical and socially- and environmentally-responsible process.

“LR Farm F1rst lifts Thailand’s chicken production process to the international level. Animal welfare, workers’ safety and occupational health and environmental-friendly management approach can be traced throughout the supply chain, to assure global consumers of food security,” Dr. Payungsak said.

CP Foods’ chicken production process was recently certified for QS from Germany, the highest food safety standard widely recognized in Germany and across Europe.

Several international standards have been obtained for its chicken products to assure consumers of the Company’s care for animal welfare. These include Global GAP, an internationally recognized standard for farm production, and Raised without Antibiotics which assures consumers animal products were produced without exposure to antibiotics.

CP Foods has emphasized the application of modern technology in farm and animal welfare management and in the improvement of farms’ physical environment that fully supports chicken’s natural behaviors: for example, hanging stuff for pecking and toys or balls for chicken to play with. The Company sets sight to complete the physical environment improvement at all broiler chicken farms in Thailand and overseas within 2030.

Aside, the Welfare Outcome Measure (WOMs) has been implemented for livestock in Thailand and overseas to assure global consumers that CP Foods’ products are safe and clean and the supply chain promotes hygiene and care for animals, society and the environment.


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