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Sustainability and Less Wastage: New Entertaining Pepsi Cup Game Encourages Behaviour Change This Chinese New Year

Pepsi is encouraging families and friends to be more sustainable this Lunar New Year with thrilling Pepsi Cup Games and limited-edition Chinese New Year design cans. 

Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2023 – Chinese New Year is one of the most significant holidays in Malaysia where families and friends gather to create and celebrate great moments together. However, there is a tendency for food and beverage waste to happen during this festive occasion, especially when it comes to canned drinks. One brand is cutting through the clutter with a powerful message of sustainability and right-sized consumption: Pepsi. This world-renowned cola-flavoured brand under Etika Sdn Bhd (“Etika”), one of Malaysia’s leading halal beverage manufacturers is challenging accepted norms head-on with its exciting and innovative Pepsi Cup Game.

During Chinese New Year, it is a common practice where guests are served canned drinks but oftentimes, these cans are left half consumed resulting in excessive wastage. Recognising the financial concerns around inflation at this time, and in line with its agenda to become a greener and more sustainable business, Etika has created powerful messaging and an entertaining offer around its 1.5L Pepsi bottle. Every shopper will receive 18 free paper cups made from 100% FSC-certified paper with every purchase of three 1.5L Pepsi bottles.

Amy Gan, Vice President of Marketing of Etika Sdn Bhd shared that another reason canned beverages are frequently served during this busy day is that they are more convenient and less time-consuming. “Cleaning up after any festive season is no doubt tiring – hence to reduce the cleaning up as well as reduce wastage from all those unfinished cans, we hope these paper cups will come in handy.”

In these paper cups, consumers will find a QR code on each cup that will lead them to the Pepsi Cup Game which encompasses a game of truth or dare with Boldest Of All Time (B.O.A.T); reveal your hidden secrets with the Game Of Truth (G.O.T); and the thrilling game of Rabbits and the Big Bad Wolf. These cups urge consumers to only pour as much Pepsi as they can comfortably drink, therefore reducing wastage and decreasing metal (aluminium) waste, while helping families who are hosting guests to stretch their ringgit.

“Festivities are all about convening with friends and family, reuniting and creating memories – but it is also important to change behaviours and send out a strong message of sustainability. We were hoping to instil sustainable practices among our consumers by taking a different approach with fun and entertaining games for our customers to enjoy.”

Furthermore, the Pepsi Cup Game also encourages people to be more present in the moment, and not engrossed on their phones, as they can challenge one another to these amusing games.

“To break the ice for everyone to reconnect and truly be present when in each other’s company, Pepsi has incorporated some compelling games where everyone from kids to adults can participate and have fun. Hence, consumers will receive free paper cups with every purchase of three 1.5L Pepsi to fill all 18 cups. Just with these paper cups, Chinese New Year is now more enjoyable with the various interactive games created by Pepsi to heighten the celebration,” said Amy.

Apart from providing consumers with a fun-filled celebration, as inflation is on the rise, Etika is also introducing a 12-can pack of beverages instead of the usual 24-can pack to ensure everyone is able to enjoy their beverage without having to spend additional costs. Consumers can also choose between a Pepsi Black or a 7UP Regular in addition to the Pepsi Regular.

To further amplify and treat its loyal consumers for a boost of prosperous festivity, Pepsi is introducing limited-edition merchandise nationwide on some of its highly anticipated selections of beverages including Pepsi Regular, 7UP Regular and Pepsi Black available in stores. These limited-edition beverage cans will each display a distinctive Chinese New Year design with animals that people are familiar with – symbolising various prosperous meanings in sync with Chinese New Year. The Pepsi Regular cans will feature ‘nian’ which symbolises celebration for the year; Pepsi Black cans will feature a rabbit on the pack which is the zodiac of the coming year, while 7UP Regular cans will feature the lucky koi fish which signifies to have abundance every year.

What are you waiting for? Get to your nearest supermarket as soon as you can! Grab them today while stocks last and enjoy the festive season sustainably with your loved ones with these beverages!

To find out more about Pepsi’s ‘Bring Prosperity and Happiness to Your Home’ initiative and the Pepsi Cup Game, please visit http://www.etikaholdings.com/brands.


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