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Anchor’s Legendairy Spread Joy Spread Love Campaign Returns to Appreciate Delivery Riders

Grab riders being treated to mid-day meals at Anchor's Legendairy Spread Joy Spread Love Kombi Van

Anchor Food Professionals collaborates with Grab Malaysia to spread happiness to food delivery riders this month of Syawal

Subang Jaya, 23rd May 2023 – Anchor Food Professionals, is anticipating phase three of their nationwide campaign, Anchor Legendairy Spread Joy, Spread Love. This campaign aims to inspire people to share moments of joy and happiness through their love for food. The campaign is now taking to the streets of Klang Valley, in a two-part series, to support the unsung heroes of our roads which are the food delivery riders.

The first phase of the campaign was a huge success, with over 800 F&B outlets such as US Pizza, Secret Recipe, Daboba, O’Briens, RT Pastry and many more across the nation participating to support this initiative. In efforts to reach a total of RM10,000 funds, Anchor Food Professionals have garnered a total of 8700 receipts thus far, with each receipt contributing RM1 to the fund since the start of the Spread Joy, Spread Love campaign. The funds is used to purchase meals for food delivery riders across Klang Valley.

As part of this commitment, Anchor Food Professionals hit the streets of Taipan to share this goodness with food delivery riders as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

In collaboration with Grab Malaysia, Anchor Food Professionals and Grab acknowledges the hard work put in by not only Grab Riders but all delivery riders during this recent Ramadan month. In order to give them back, Anchor Food Professional collaborated with participating restaurants for this campaign to offer food delivery riders a mid-day pick me up meal.

“We believe that food has the power to bring people together and create moments of joy and happiness. We are excited to be continuing our Anchor Legendairy Spread Joy, Spread Love campaign this time round with food delivery riders,” said Peter Quah, Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia & Brunei.

“We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the unsung heroes of Malaysia, especially food delivery riders, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that we can enjoy our favourite foods from the comfort of our homes. We want to express our appreciation by spreading joy and love through sharing our delicious meals and beverages made with Anchor dairy goodness with them.” Peter, added.

With the third phase approaching, Anchor is excited to continue inspiring people to create moments of joy and happiness through their love for food, as Anchor Legendairy campaign move towards phase 3 in June.

Anchor Food Professionals invites everyone to continue in joining them in spreading joy and love by dining at any one of the 800 participating F&B outlets and uploading their relevant receipts accordingly. Participants of this contest stands a chance to win more than RM50,000 worth of food prizes! With a target of 10,000 receipts by the end of July 2023, Anchor Food Professionals encourages the public to join in as they continue to Spread Joy, Spread Love to the community.

For more information about the contest and the Anchor Legendairy Spread Joy, Spread Love campaign, please visit the campaign website https://bit.ly/AFPSpreadJoy-SpreadLove  or Anchor Food Professionals official Facebook page www.facebook.com/AnchorFoodProfessionalsMY.


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