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Tresor Earthfood new Wholesome NuTrio plant-based multigrain drinks

Health food maker Tresor Earthfood has launched Wholesome NuTrio instant plant-based multigrain beverages in Malaysia. The range comprises:

  • NuTrio Orange for vision protection
  • NuTrio Black for hair radiance
  • NuTrio Purple for a healthy glow

NuTrio Orange with Pumpkin, Carrot and Turmeric

Maltodextrin, Pumpkin (25%), Brown Rice, Honey, Brown Sugar, Red Date, Dehulled Soybean, Sweet Potato, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Isomalt, Cinnamon, Turmeric (1%), Banana, Avocado, Marigold Flower Extract.

NuTrio Black with Black Sesame and Black Fungus

Maltodextrin, black sesame (6.5%), black bean, black fungus (6.5%), black date, black rye, brown rice, red rice, black rice, millet, quinoa, black glutinous rice, mung bean, almond, cinnamon, dehulled soybean, FOS, isomalt, corn, brown sugar.

NuTrio Purple with Purple Sweet Potato 

Maltodextrin, Purple Sweet Potato (25%), Dehulled Soybean, FOS, Isomalt, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Red Rice, Millet, Quinoa, Black Sesame, Red Bean, Glutinous Rice, Almond, Purple Cabbage.

The company has also launched Zweets, a zero calorie monkfruit sweetener featuring blended sweetener (erythritol + monkfruit extract).

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