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Line-up of exceptional authors, artists and events at eslite spectrum The Starhill this September

In the upcoming September, eslite spectrum The Starhill is thrilled to welcome a line-up of exceptional authors and artists who will grace the stage at the eslite Forum, situated within the vibrant eslite spectrum KL. This array of events promises to be a source of excitement and fascination!

Rasa Talk: Investing in Times of Crisis

Many people are looking for the secret to wealth. Well, it’s not really a secret as there are really only two ways to be wealthier. —— Kévin Poncelet

Kévin Poncelet holds an MBA from London’s top-tier university. Starting as an insurance broker, he grasped the value of financial stability. His diverse investments, expertise in stocks, real estate, and precious metals, propelled his success. Co-founding a Malaysian publishing company with his fiancé, he combines investment writing with culinary publications. Kévin’s impact also extends to a popular finance blog, offering actionable insights and strategies.

In his book “The Complete Investment Guide,” he unveils that to become wealthier, an individual can accomplish this by increasing their income through revenue enhancement and the discovery of new income sources, as well as by decreasing their expenses through the reduction and avoidance of current and future living costs.

On September 8th, Kévin Poncelet will be engaging in a discussion with readers about “Investing in Times of Crisis.” Join us to delve deeper into the realm of investing and gain valuable insights.

Date | 8th September 2023, Friday
Time | 7.30pm
Venue | eslite Forum

Book Sharing: 912 Batu Road

War brought them together, a secret love tore them apart… —— Viji Krishnamoorthy

Viji Krishnamoorthy was born in Ipoh, Perak to a Tamil father and Hokkien Chinese mother. She spent her early school years in Kuala Lumpur and then in Madras (as it was then known). She completed her tertiary education in the UK. She previously worked as a freelance writer for several magazines and this is her debut novel. The author is happily married with two children and lives in Kuala Lumpur; but enjoys spending time in London.

In her latest publication “912 Batu Road”, the Iyers’ and Tans’ lives fracture during the Japanese invasion of Malaya, intertwining them in a treacherous struggle for survival. Parallelly, a modern romance between their descendant challenges tradition, while past betrayals haunt. Viji Krishnamoorthy’s debut harmonizes captivating fiction with meticulous research on Malayan wartime heroes like Sybil Kathigasu, delivering a compelling narrative.

Join us on 9 September for a special book sharing event with Viji Krishnamoorthy. The event will be hosted by Devina Sivagurunathan and promises an insightful discussion.

Date | 9th September 2023, Saturday
Time | 2pm
Venue | eslite Forum

Unleash the Inner Light 微光的恆在指引

In everyone, there’s a light – a subtle radiance, like a glimmering guide within. Some shine from their skills, sparkling brightly. Others merge into life’s fabric, their glow essential yet understated. And some ignite sparks through dialogue, moments of brilliance that inspire ongoing thought.

Date | 1 st September 2023 (Friday) – 31st October 2023 (Tuesday)
Venue | eslite Forum
Promotion | 12% Off on selected exhibition items

Journey across Time and Space 踏上小小時光機,穿越時空!

Step aboard our marvelous exhibit, ” Journey across Time and Space ” as we delve
into a world of boundless curiosity and imagination. This captivating showcase
revolves around the exploration of both history and future frontiers, fusing the realms
of intrigue and knowledge for young minds.

Date | 1 st September 2023 (Friday) – 31st October 2023 (Tuesday)
Venue | eslite children
Promotion | 12% Off on selected exhibition items

Designing Dreams: A Celebration of Malaysian Brands and Designs

Amidst the joyous celebration of Malaysia’s Independence Day on August 31st and
Malaysia Day on September 16th, the nation’s spirit soars with pride. In harmony with
this patriotic ambiance, eslite stationery proudly presents a captivating theme,
featuring homegrown brands that embody the essence of Malaysian culture and

Date | NOW – 31st October 2023 (Tuesday)
Venue | eslite stationery

eslite children: Sunday Story Time | Hongjiejie Work Station

eslite children presents: “Sunday Story Time” with a unique twist! On the first Sunday
of each month, join us for an enchanting English storytelling session. Immerse yourself
in the world of imagination as we bring tales to life in English. And on the third Sunday
of the month, we’ll continue the magic with captivating Chinese stories. Let the beauty
of both languages take you on unforgettable journeys!

Date | 3rd September 2023 & 17th September 2023, Sunday
Time | 3:00 pm
Venue | eslite children

eslite children: A Date with Board Games | HABA

Explore a diverse array of HABA board games that promise endless entertainment and
fun. Gather your friends and family, and make the most of this opportunity to create
lasting memories through shared laughter and strategic gameplay.

Date | 9th September 2023, Saturday
Time | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Venue | eslite children




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