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OT Group new launches including FRUZZ and Imperial Creme

Indonesia’s OT Group, which has a new brand logo, has recently launched two new products: FRUZZ and Imperial Creme. FRUZZ is a fruit combo chewy candy with the following flavour combinations: lychee grape, pineapple passionfruit, yuzu berries, orange mango and strawberry blackcurrant.

Imperial Creme is a milk biscuit that comes with two types of fillings: cream and jam.

OT Group other new products include Cannon Ball with chocolate that is crunchy outside and chewy inside and twice the size as well as the new Tango Walut Belgian Choco.

OT Blaster Choco Mint Candy is another launch featuring a new formulation with 33% extra filler.

OT’s Tango Waffle Latte series is a wafer that is inspired by coffee flavours: Mocha, Aren (Palm Sugar) and Avocado with a rice crispy filling and Seruput coffee.


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