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Nissin Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry is back as a permanent offering in Singapore

Nissin Foods Singapore has brought the Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry flavour back as a long-term addition. This Fish Head Curry flavour was initially launched in April 2022.

Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry has the addition of delectable and tenderised fish toppings made from real fish meat. The mouth-watering and aromatic concoction is made with slightly spicy curry containing fish umami and hints of fragrant coconut milk and lemongrass topped off with cabbage, taupok and spring onions.

Available at major supermarkets, Cheers and Don Don Donki stores islandwide from 1 September 2023, while stocks last.

In addition to the new instant noodle, Nissin Foods has recently made available Nissin Cisco Crisp Choco in Singapore. Nissin Cisco Crisp Choco is a popular choco snack in Japan and Hong Kong for years.

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