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CRG marks its 45th anniversary with a new KFC Flagship Store at CentralwOrld, focusing on the ‘KFC Digital Lifestyle Hub’ for urbanites’ digital needs

Image credit: KFC Thailand

Tuesday 21 November 2023 – Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd. (CRG), a leader in Thailand’s Food Chain Industry, commemorates its 45th anniversary by introducing a fresh image tailored to resonate with the evolving preferences of the new generation. Unveiling the all-new concept “KFC Digital Lifestyle Hub” at the CentralwOrld branch, CRG aims to cater to the Digital Lifestyle demands, aligning seamlessly with the ethos of today’s urban citizen.

Mr. Piyapong Chitchumnong, Head of QSR & Western cuisine and head of KFC for CRG, highlighted this transformative shift in the appearance of KFC stores, emphasizing a purposeful adaptation to the new generation’s lifestyle. Acknowledging the pervasive role of technology in their lives and their inclination towards new experiences, the endeavor is to offer KFC patrons a more engaging dining experience. The flagship of this transformation is the introduction of the Bucket Kiosk, an automated food ordering and payment system. The cutting-edge Bucket Kiosk is designed explicitly to enrich the new generation’s lifestyle, empowering them to relish a more interactive and enjoyable food selection and ordering process.

In celebration of 45 years dedicated to meeting the diverse daily needs of Thai customers through quality products, exemplary service, and continual innovation, CRG has partnered with CPN, a vital collaborator, to launch the CentralwOrld branch as its latest flagship location. This significant venture signifies CRG’s commitment to address the comfort requirements of the new generation, both local and international urban dwellers, within the city. This strategic move underscores CRG’s focus on customer-centricity, fostering deeper engagement and involvement with the brand.

The newly inaugurated KFC Flagship Store at CentralwOrld introduces the pioneering concept of the “KFC Digital Lifestyle Hub,” elevating the experience of savoring KFC chicken to unprecedented levels of enjoyment. While modernizing the restaurant’s image and design, the branch preserves the distinctive and authentic deliciousness that defines the essence of KFC. Moreover, it boasts a unique Photo Spot called “Bucket Crew Space,” narrating the KFC story through the lens of Thai graffiti artist JECKS BKK (Tuchakorn Sirawatcharadeat). Adding to this, the introduction of KFC Cafe by Arigato Coffee bar provides a novel coffee corner, offering patrons an exclusive space to relax and relish their favorite beverages—a service available solely at this branch.

Image credit: KFC Thailand

“Many of our KFC customers belong to the new generation seeking delectable, convenient, and reasonably priced options. The transformation of our store aims to engage this demographic effectively. It aligns seamlessly with the Digital Lifestyle embraced by city inhabitants frequenting the CentralwOrld Shopping Center. We anticipate a positive response from our patrons, making this new KFC Flagship Store the Top of Mind of customer preference,” mentioned Mr. Piyapong.

Marking the spectacular launch of the KFC Flagship Store at CentralwOrld, a series of special activities awaits from November 17th to 19th, 2023. Embracing this celebration, customers are invited to participate in exclusive fun at the Chic ‘N Share Photo booth where they can have fun in playful poses and capture memories for free (*with the purchase of any KFC item, no minimum payment required).

Moreover, in honor of this grand opening, a special promotion awaits patrons: with a purchase of 399 baht or more, customers will receive a Limited Edition premium item carefully designed by the renowned JECKS BKK, such as the exclusive KFC Iconic leather Bucket Bag (available for the first 50 customers daily) or the limited-edition KFC cloth Bucket Bag. Additionally, customers purchasing any bucket set will receive complimentary DIY KFC Bucket stickers, adding a touch of cool creativity to their experience.

For more details, visit KFC Thailand’s Facebook page or contact the Customer Relations Department at 1150.


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