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Ring in the Auspicious Year of the Dragon with F&N’s five all-time favourite flavours in a limited-edition Variety Pack

Photo Credits: F&N Global Marketing

Singapore, 4 January 2024 –  Welcome the Year of the Dragon with the limited-edition F&N 24 Cans Variety Pack to herald auspiciousness, prosperity, and good health into your lives; as families, friends, and loved ones look forward to rekindle and strengthen ties of kinship with reunions and gatherings.

Embodying the strength and wisdom of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, the phrase 龙年吉祥 (lóng nián jí xiáng) or Auspicious Year of the Dragon that is emblazoned on the Variety Pack promises renewal and good hope to those who are looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year. The stylised dragon embellished on the Variety Pack represents the auspicious symbol of power, strength, and good luck during the highly anticipated Chinese New Year celebrations. In the Year of the Dragon, such attributes are especially celebrated and revered because the dragon is considered the most fortuitous of all the zodiac animals.

The F&N 24 Cans Variety Pack comprises five delicious flavours loved by both the young and old across generations – Groovy GrapeSarsiOutrageous OrangeCool Ice Cream Soda, and Cheeky Cherryade.  

Designed to be the perfect gift to one another during the joyous celebrations, the Variety Pack prominently features objects of prosperity and wealth on the Dragon that favourably associated with Chinese New Year such as Mandarin oranges, gold coins, and gold ingots. These symbols are deeply embedded in Chinese culture as bringer of wealth and prosperity, making the Variety Pack not just a gift of items, but a heartfelt gesture of wishing abundance and good fortune during Chinese New Year.

The limited-edition F&N 24 Cans Variety Pack is available at a Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$13.57 at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores. The five crowd-favourite flavours carry the Healthier Choice Symbol accorded by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), as well.


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