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Welcome the Auspicious Year of the Dragon with 100PLUS Original’s limited edition Gold Can

Photo credit: F&N Global Marketing

Singapore, 4 January 2024       Usher in the Chinese New Year with the vigour of the dragon and shared blessings with the auspicious limited edition 100PLUS Original Gold Can, reflecting the festival’s rich cultural tapestry, harmoniously weaving together age-old traditions with today’s festivity.

Richly emblazoned with the 100PLUS’ signature tri-band of blue, red, and green, the 100PLUS Original Gold Can features a masterful blend of Chinese New Year tradition and modernity – a representation of the festival’s exuberance, prosperity, and celebratory spirit with the stylised dragon against the flourishing-coloured coat of gold, signifying an abundance of wealth and blessings from the host to guests. The gold can’s design is meticulously crafted by 100PLUS to resonate deeply with the dragon – a revered mythical animal zodiac within the Chinese calendar – along with its legendary attributes of strength, agility, and good fortune.

100PLUS stands out as the refreshing drink and healthier choice for the Chinese New Year celebrations, perfectly complementing the joyous mood of reunions dinners and visitations with family, friends, and loved ones. Its refreshing taste is an excellent choice to accompany the rich and varied flavours of traditional Chinese New Year treats and goodies. Whether it is about balancing the savoury deliciousness of a family feast or offering a refreshing contrast to the delightful goodies and treats, 100PLUS enhances the joyous occasion for everyone. 

During the bustling festivities of Chinese New Year, staying hydrated in the tropical weather is crucial. 100PLUS is an ideal drink for this season, perfectly designed to meet hydration needs amid the flurry of activities during the happy festivities.

Photo credit: F&N Global Marketing

Fluid lost through sweat contains more than just water. It comprises electrolytes, also known as minerals which are necessary for day-to-day functions of the body. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, phosphate, chloride and calcium which are essential for body functions and also help the body absorb and retain water effectively.

The Chinese New Year celebrations are marked with a whirlwind of activities such as the numerous rounds of visitations to family, relatives, friends, and loved ones. Such joyful and heartwarming gatherings may also be physically demanding along with the travelling from home to home, and may take a toll on hydration level. 100PLUS plays a vital role as its electrolytes-enhanced composition helps maintain the body’s fluid balance, ensuring that the body is properly hydrated during the celebrations. 

100PLUS is lower in sugar, carries the Healthier Choice Symbol accorded by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), and is Halal-certified. The 100PLUS Original Gold Can is currently available on the e-commerce store F&N Life, and in stores such as Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Shiong and major retail outlets. It has a Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$16.80 for 325ml x 24 cans, while stocks last.

 For more information, please visit https://100plus.com.sg or https://sg.fnlife.com/100plus. Follow 100PLUS Singapore on Facebook or @100plus_singapore on Instagram for more updates.


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