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Pizza Hut 1150 adds three more flavours under the Melts menu

Pizza Hut 1150, the global pizza brand under the management of PH Capital, has created three new flavours under the Melts menu to attract new customers and young consumers.

Melts is a new kind of pizza that features two slices of Pizza Hut’s signature Thin N’ Crispy crust loaded with an abundance of toppings and premium mozzarella cheese, folded over, baked to melty perfection and complemented with a dipping sauce.

The three new flavours are:

Melts Lasagna – Rich lasagna sauce, Italian style, packed full of pork. Eat with carbonara sauce. Layer of cheese, so satisfying.

Melts California Maki – Japanese style Melts a mixture of crab sticks, sweet eggs, cucumber, Japanese rice, seaweed, sprinkled with shrimp eggs, great with the crispy and melted cheese,

Melts Holy Cheese – 5 types of cheese from all over the world Mozzarella cheese, Hokkaido cheese, Cream cheese, very greasy, stretchy, Melts in your mouth, pleasing cheese lovers with super cheese.

Order now at Pizza Hut 1150 or order through the website. www.pizzahut.co.th, Pizza Hut Application and all delivery channels Lineman / Foodpanda / Grab / Robinhood and Shopee Food.


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