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Bibigo aims to popularise Korean mandu in Malaysia

CU convenience store in Malaysia has partnered with Bibigo to launch the new mandu or Korean dumpling series. Surprisingly, Malaysians do not relate to Korean dumplings when thinking about K-food.

The key reason why Korean mandu is not popular in Malaysia is the fact that mandu looks uncannily similar to Chinese dumplings. There is no reason for local consumers to pay more for mandu.

Bibigo, the Korean food brand by CJ CheilJedang, is changing that perception by collaborating with fellow South Korean convenience store CU to elevate the taste of mandu with a limited-edition menu that includes a locally inspired offering. 

  • K-Pop Chicken Mandu (Original/Spicy)
  • Bibigo Dumpling Dosirak
  • Rabokki with Chicken Mandu
  • Hot and Spicy Tteokbokki with Chicken Mandu
  • Laksa with Chicken Mandu

To popularise Korean dumpling in Malaysia, Bibigo needs to infuse more Korean elements into its mandu with more campaigns similar to the ones with CU. 


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