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Kantar OOH survey shows Chinese consumers drink beer at night, function drinks in the afternoon, soy milk during breakfast

Kantar out of home panel (OOH), launched in Feb 2015, has finally released its first result. Here is the official description of Kantar OOH.

Actual consumer decisions are captured through smartphones, which allow 4,000 urban consumers to provide immediate and accurate information of every single purchase, including the exact product they consumed, where, when and why. Link

During the first quarter of 2015, the average spending on snacks and beverage in provincial capitals in China stood at RMB360 per person. The OOH gives us a clearer idea of the beverage consumption patterns. Beer is usually taken during the dinner and after dinner day parts (covering 55% of occasions), while soy milk is taken during breakfast (67% of occasions). Afternoon is the time of the day for function drinks (to keep you awake). With this information, marketers will know what and when to cross sell their products.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

The other piece of useful information from Kantar OOH is convenience store has been identified as the key purchase channel for OOH consumption at 26%. This ties in nicely with China’s current convenience store boom. Convenience store sales in China rose 25.12% in 2014 compared with a 6.5% growth for supermarket and 2.7% for department store, according to China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA). Unfortunately, most convenience stores are losing money.

Convenience store is the key channel for beverages, while supermarket is still the key channel for snacks.

For more info, please download the report from Kantar. Here is the link.


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