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Ramadan 2016: PediaSure collaborates with popular Imam to help young children fast

From PediaSure official website

Getting young children to start fasting can be great time for marketing. Abbott Nutrition Malaysia took this opportunity to promote PediaSure Complete for children aged one to 10 to help them who fasting or are starting to fast. According to the company, PediaSure contains 25 of the most important nutrients including FOS, DHA and vitamins to help meet children’s needs during the fasting period.

Children are not expected to fast until the age of puberty. But some intend to do so earlier by joining with their family members. By aligning the brand with Ramadan, PediaSure ensures it becomes the product of choice for subsequent fasting experience. The campaign tagline is ‘menatih puasa ceria’ or ‘to lead ones who is learning to fast to have a happy fasting experience.’

The Malaysia’s PediaSure Ramadan campaign in 2016 is the same campaign launched in Indonesia in 2015 using the same TVC.

PediaSure also roped in Imam Muda Asyraf, a charming young Imam (religious teacher)  who is the winner of a reality program in search of a religious role model. Participants had a session with Asyraf on 25 June 2016 where he talked about how to guide parents on fasting for young children. The collaboration between an international milk powder brand with a popular Imam makes the combination very interesting and helps to strengthen and localise the marketing message.

Asraf puasa

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