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Nestle Bliss Go with inulin promotes good digestive for children

The new Nestle Bliss Go was launched in early September 2016. Targeting at children aged below 12 years old, Nestle Bliss Go comes in a portable Tetra Pak with a serving size of 200ml. It also marks the extension of the brand from targeting family especially female to one that includes young children.

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Contains inulin

Nestle Bliss Go features inulin for digestive health. The pack reads ‘inulin promotes good bacteria in the gut.’ Apart from inulin, it also has calcium for bone health and vitamin C to enhance the absorption of iron.

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Shelf-stable drink

Nestle Bliss Go can be stored in ambient temperature, which makes it portable and ideal for children.

Use of stevia

Interestingly, Nestle Bliss Go is naturally sweetened with stevia. Stevia is perceived as a healthier option as it comes without the calories. Milo RTD uses monk fruit as a sweetener. However, stevia does leave a poor aftertaste, a thing that needs addressing if it becomes an issue with consumers.

Nestle Bliss Go Nutrition valueThe increasing use of stevia in dairy is something that is worth taking note of especially in countries with high incidences of diabetes such as India, Indonesia and Malaysia.


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