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100Plus gets the Healthier Choice credential in Thailand

In Thailand, Thai Beverage (ThaiBev) is adding the Healthier Choice logo on the 100Plus packaging and in its advertisements, reported The Nation newspaper. The reason for adding the logo is to covey the message that 100Plus is the healthiest product of its type. In Thailand, 100Plus is sweetened with stevia and sugar whereas in Malaysia, it counts glucose and sucrose as sweeteners.

Healthier Choice


The Healtheir Choice logo is owned by the Thai Food and Drug Administration. The symbol’s use was assigned to the Nutrition Promotion Foundation of the Mahidol University. The use of the new front-of-pack logo programme was launched by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand on 31 August 2016. The logo can be applied to cover all food products with 56 products already certified in phase one. The aim of the health logo is to reduce non-communicable diseases such as overweight and diseases.

100Plus has received the Healthier Choice logo in Thailand and Singapore.

Image from 100Plus Thailand FB page


Drink a 100Plus anywhere campaign

ThaiBev has recently launched the new ‘Drink a 100Plus anywhere’ campaign to broaden the consumption occasions beyond workout and sporting activities to include having 100Plus for meals or everyday activities like shopping.


This is the same positioning adopted in Malaysia, the brand’s biggest market globally, where 100Plus is embraced as a healthier choice and is consumed in all occasions as a refreshing drink.

Captured 30% share in the healthier CSD market

Thai Drinks Co senior vice president Jesdakorn Ghosh said 100Plus had captured a 30% share in the healthier carbonated soft drinks market after 18 months in the market. The drink was first launched in Thailand in February 2015.

Key takeaways

The embrace of the Healthier Choice front-of-pack logo will help to strengthen the position of 100Plus as an everyday drink. This positioning will potentially enable the drink to secure a larger share of throat in the competitive Thai beverage market.

However, the positioning of 100Plus as a functional sports drink must not be neglected. Sports enthusiasts are increasingly looking for sports drink or performance enhancing beverages that can meet their needs and this means there is an opportunity for 100Plus to extend its brand into more specialised niche area.


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