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Mister Potato celebrates Chinese New Year with spicy flavour

Mamee-Double Decker (M) has unveiled Mister Potato Spicy Prawn as the limited edition flavour for the 2018 Chinese New Year, the year of the dog. The potato crips are made with 100% imported potato goodness and is available in canister.

Mister Potato wants Malaysians to celebrate lunar new year with Ha Ha Ha! The word “ha” rhymes with the Cantonese pronunciation of prawn (虾).

The Spicy Prawn is likely to draw its inspiration from spicy dried shrimp rolls, which are made by deep frying mini spring rolls containing a spicy dried shrimp filling. This traditional snack is a popular Chinese New Year delicacy in Malaysia and Singapore.

The latest Spicy Prawn also marks the continuation of the use of spicy as a limited edition flavour to celebrate Chinese New Year. In 2017, the snack food maker introduced Fiery Fried Chicken to celebrate the year of the rooster, and Seaweed Wasabi to celebrate the year of the monkey in 2016.

The Mister Potato limited edition offering is not only available during Chinese New Year. The snack company also unveiled Red Curry flavour to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day in 2017.

*Images from Mister Potato


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