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New Nature’s Spring Sparkling Water and Fiber Water

Philippine Spring Water Resources Inc, the maker of Nature’s Spring, has been actively extending its water portfolio beyond water to iced tea and flavoured water fortified with vitamin B and now into sparkling water and fiber water.


The 330ml sparkling water adds a sparkling twist to the water drinking occasion. It is positioned as a zero-calorie drink but with carbonate to serve as an alternative to sugar sweetened sparkling beverages, which now attracts the sugar tax.

Non-caloric sweetener such as artificial sweetener is taxable under the TRAIN law. However, bottled water and beverages sweetened with stevia or coco sugar is exempted from the sugar tax.


The new Nature’s Spring Fiber Water with wheat dextrin, a soluble dietary fibre, is described as helping with digestion. The fibre-enriched claim is usually found in juices such as Oishi Fiber and Fruit and Del Monte Fiber Enriched Pineapple Juice. The new product uses water as the platform to deliver the goodness of fiber.




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