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Refresh yourself with Tealive x 100PLUS

Tealive has teamed up with F&N’s 100PLUS to launch a drink infused with energising fizziness of 100PLUS and packed with the fruity goodness from Tealive. Consumers can get their hydration boost with #FRESHVIBES.

The range comprises:

  • Passionfresh Smoothie – Passionfruit smoothie with konjac and roselle jelly
  • Lychee Fizz – Sparkling lychee with konjac and roselle jelly

Tealife’s latest co-branded drink with F&N is interesting as it involves partnering with a leading name in the food and drink scene in Malaysia. This would pave the way for potential collaboration with other F&N products including condensed milk to create a truly Malaysian teh tarik drink.

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