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70,000 Meals Raised For MakanKongsi 2.0 Community Through Grab’s #KitaFeedKita

Donations raised through GrabRewards matched by Grab in support of those in need.

Petaling Jaya, 21 October 2021 – The pandemic has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the nation – be it in terms of how Malaysians go about their normal days to its economic effects. Throughout the past year, Malaysians have shown their tenacity and spirit in lending a helping hand for those in need – from small, random acts of kindness to various NGOs setting up food banks and even larger corporations playing a part to get everyone back on their feet.

As part of MakanKongsi 2.0’s continuous efforts to help these communities, we recently partnered with Grab Malaysia to rally Malaysians to donate to those in need through their #KitaFeedKita initiative. #KitaFeedKita is a campaign by Grab to enable and encourage Malaysians to donate in cash and/or GrabRewards points via the Grab app. In addition, Grab has pledged to match the GrabRewards points donated to support MakanKongsi 2.0’s efforts in helping the community.

Since the launch of the initiative in August, the campaign has raised funds equivalent to 70,000 meals for those who need food aid.

Mr Law Gin Kye, Makan Kongsi 2.0 Chairperson, shared, “We are incredibly heartened to see Malaysians rallying together to support communities who are affected by the pandemic, not just through this initiative but various efforts across Malaysia. And for that we would thank those who have joined us in helping Malaysians in need across the country. The support we’ve received is truly a testament of how there’s no obstacle too great for the nation if we unite together. Although restrictions begin to ease across the country, we encourage Malaysians to continue showing compassion and generosity to one another as there is truly no measure to the impact of the pandemic. We are grateful for this collaboration with Grab and their constant support throughout to make a bigger impact in the lives of those in need.

Hassan Alsagoff, Country Marketing Head of Grab Malaysia echoes the sentiments shared by Law, “As a Malaysian homegrown company, we are encouraged to see how Malaysians have been supporting each other since the pandemic began, and the efforts of organisations like MakanKongsi 2.0. We are humbled to collaborate with them as the distribution partner for our #KitaFeedKita initiative to help those in need. As a tech platform, this is a convenient way for us to connect organisations who are in need of financial assistance (to aid their efforts) and Malaysians who want to support, but unsure how. Moving forward we hope to continue to assist similar organizations leverage on our platform for a positive cause.”

#KitaFeedKita will run till 22 October 2021, therefore, Makan Kongsi 2.0 and Grab Malaysia would like to encourage Malaysians to continue contributing while they are still able to. Grab users have the option to donate their GrabRewards Points to MakanKongsi 2.0 or donate cash via their GrabPay wallet – both of which will help fund their efforts. Grab will then match the points donated and channel to the cause respectively.

As Malaysia continues her fight against the pandemic, let us remember that we are stronger together in the face of adversity and difficulty. Together with its partners, MakanKongsi 2.0 believes in ensuring that the most vulnerable communities receive the basic essentials because no one should go hungry.

About MakanKongsi 2.0

MakanKongsi 2.0 is co-organised by THE GOOD KITCHEN and ENGAGE to ensure that the most vulnerable communities get the basic essentials to feed their families during MCO because No One Should Go Hungry. Since the full MCO began, MakanKongsi 2.0 have been actively working with over 160 NGOs/NGIs across Malaysia to provide food aid and basic essentials feeding over 100,000 individuals and families in need to date. MakanKongsi2.0 commits to channel 100% of contributions to benefit communities in need.


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