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“Making Every Ordinary Meal Special” With HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix by QSRT

HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix comes in three types, namely Chicken Stock, Beef Flavoured Stock, and Lobster Bisque Stock.

Petaling Jaya, 12 January 2022 – QSR Trading Sdn Bhd (QSRT), the marketing and trading arm of QSR Brands of which are the driving force behind KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia is now bringing in the HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix a variety of cooking stocks to the retail market.

Made from a careful selection of the freshest and finest ingredients to enhance the flavour of your cooking, the HACO SUISS culinary mix is an intricate innovation made to elevate the enjoyment of cooking at home in the most convenient, flexible, versatile, and healthy way.

HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix products are manufactured by HACO Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. The HACO SUISS, a 100-years reputable producer in premium food in Switzerland since 1922, innovated the Culinary Dry Mix, a cooking stock which comes in three types, namely Chicken Stock, Beef Flavoured Stock, and Lobster Bisque Stock.

“What’s unique about these cooking stocks is that it is without a doubt a healthier option, as it contains no added MSG, no trans-fat, no added preservatives and no artificial coloring. “The HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix is made entirely from finest and freshest food ingredients. It is simple and versatile in application, have flexible adjustment to cater to your own taste, and also promotes zero wastage. Truly, the HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix range encourages all to eat healthier with its fast & easy preparation compared to boiling the broth from scratch.” said Chan Chong Thye, General Manager, QSR Trading Sdn Bhd.

“Since 1922, HACO SUISS has been consistently producing premium and healthier choice
products in the market, as HACO SUISS thrives on catering to the needs and well-being of their loyal consumers. HACO SUISS is well aware that the consumers within the Asia-pacific region have a broad taste palate and an inkling for valuable, delicious dining experiences, hence the increasing demand of more value-added products, an example being products that are in collaboration with chefs or could create chef inspired recipes gaining interest and public traction nowadays”.

Tomato Meatball Pasta

With the tagline “Making every ordinary meal special”, QSRT endeavors their customers to use HACO SUISS products which are a healthier choice, convenient, and provides versatile cooking options.

Lobster roll with tangy lobster cream sauce

“The lobster bisque has always been a fancy dish that one rarely prepares at home, but now with the award-winning HACO SUISS Lobster Bisque Culinary Dry Mix, anyone can indulge in the rich and exquisite taste by simply preparing it yourself at the comforts of your own home. The first HALAL and only one of its kind products in the retail marketplace in Malaysia, the Lobster Bisque has been awarded Culinary Innovation Award 2021 by Professional Culinary Association, Malaysia.

Prawn Finger with Spicy Lobster Dip

“The Chicken stock on the other hand, is made from real chicken meat, using non-GMO poultry. It also has no artificial colorings and no added preservatives in its ingredients. Whilst the beef flavoured stock has a full-flavour beef taste, it does not contain any animal raw materials, making it a vegetarian-friendly option that is suitable for people who wish to have a bowl of beef soup or noodles, minus the beef,” Mr. Chan added.

The recommended selling price for HACO SUISS Chicken Stock 100g is RM5.90 per packet and the recommended selling price for HACO SUISS Beef Flavoured Stock 80g and HACO SUISS Lobster Bisque 60g are RM6.30 per packet.

The HACO SUISS Culinary Dry Mix products will be available on the shelf of major hypermarkets, supermarkets, and online platform (Shopee, Lazada) from January 2022 onwards to offer consumers a healthier choice of products. For more information, please visit QSRT’s website at www.qsrtrading.com.my.



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