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Mamee SLRP instant noodle offers flaming hot flavour (updated)

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Mamee-Double Decker has made available Mamee SLRP spicy flavoured instant noodles in Malaysia. The Mamee SLRP, which mimics the sound of slurping your noodle, comes in two variants – Kari Berapi (flaming curry) and Kari Xtra Pedas (extra hot curry) in pack and cup.

Mamee SLRP is the updated version of the existing Mamee SLLRRRP range. Following the success of the famed but limited edition Mamee Daebak Ghost Pepper Chicken, which is extremely spicy and cannot be consumed on a regular basis, Mamee appears to want to give the Mamee SLLRRP range a new makeover to reclaim the brand’s role as the definitive fiery noodle. Moreover, Mamee SLLRRRP is losing shares to Korean competitors. So it is the right time to remake Mamee SLRP with a visual language that suggests the brand is still “dangerously spicy.”

Image from brand design agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), which has been tasked to remake the range visually

At Aeon, Mamee SLPR Kari Extra Pedas (5x81g) and Mamee SLRP Kari Berapi (5x81g) are respectively priced at RM 5.69. The price of the Mamee Curry Flavour (Perisa Kari) 5x75g is RM 3.59.

Mamee SLRP is available in both pack and cup.


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