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Minor Food rolls out 15 new branches of ‘Chick-A-Boom Pop-Up Store’ in 1/2022 More dine-in for secret recipe-fried chicken at 200 locations nationwide

Tuesday 25 January 2022 – The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited continues to roll out Chic-A-Boom Pop-Up Stores in 15 Bangkok and upcountry locations, as well as offering it as a dine-in and take-away experience at 220 branches of The Pizza Company nationwide. Fried chicken fans get to experience the surprising taste of American style fried chicken, which overcomes previous limitations by highlighting a variety of exotic and unique flavors. These are paired with 7 types of secret sauces and a monthly surprise secret recipe sauce to keep interest spiced up. This provides a dining experience of unlimited fun for Gen Z consumers who love new challenges and experiences. Anyone can experience the delicious taste from 27 January 2022 onwards.

Mr. Panusak Suesatboon, General Manager of The Pizza Company under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited related that The Pizza Company’s December launch of “Chick-A-Boom”, a new fried chicken brand, had been very successful with a lot of attention from consumers. The first “Chick-A-Boom Pop-up Store” in Thailand was set up to meet the demands of consumers looking for a new experience. For only one month on January, 15 Chic-A-Boom pop-up stores will be launched in Bangkok. Chic-A-Boom will also be in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, etc., from 27 January 2022 onwards. Chick-A-Boom chicken will also be available for sale as dine-in and take-away at The Pizza Company at more than 220 branches across the country, giving customers easy access to all the combinations of Chic-A-Boom. It is expected that the expansion of such services will double the sale growth of fried chicken at The Pizza Company.

The unique and distinct “Chick-A-Boom” flavors have revolutionized the monotony of fried chicken with new experiences, by enhancing customers’ joy with the brand under the concept “Limitless Fun Experience/ Never like others/ Never boring” highlighting a variety of additional new flavors of fried chicken to make customers enthusiastic. “Chickira” is a new mascot intended to make the brand more memorable and more of a customer favorite. Chickira is a hen with a feminine, playful, naughty look, inspired by Chickira’s character design from America’s pop culture superheroes, adding colors making the brand look lively, exotic and unique,” commented Mr. Panusak.

“Chick-A-Boom” emerged from forecasts of fried chicken market potential in Thailand, a large segment growing every year. Meanwhile, The Pizza Company has been known as the King of Wing, both for Korean chicken and BBQ chicken, since the early days. So creating a new brand to compete for market share is challenging.”

Mr. Panusak added that one specialty of Chic-A-Boom was a customized chicken set of sauce and side dishes. The three sets to choose from include Chicka – 6 pieces of chicken at 169 baht, Chicka Chicka – 12 pieces of chicken at 289 baht, and Chicka Chicka Chicka – 18 pieces of chicken at 389 baht. As for the sauce, Chick-A-Boom invites customers to taste the deliciousness with 7 kinds of sauce, including 1.) Wimpy – garlic flavor sauce 2.) Honey Boom – the sweet and mellow taste of honey loved by both children and adults, 3.) Smoky Bomb – smokey aroma sauce, 4.) Truffle – truffle sauce with authentic aroma, 5.) Buffalo – authentic American-style sauce with a tasty sour taste, 6.) Atomic – intense spicy and sweet sauce, and 7.) 7 Missiles – intense spicy sauce that spice lovers cannot miss.

Chick-A Boom has created another highlight for the menu: “The Killer”, 4 giant chicken skewers with popular corndog for 399 baht, that is suitable for social media posts to create a trend, and creating wide awareness to meet the needs of Gen Z consumers, teenagers and people in their first jobs, who are the main target groups. This group of consumers like to look for new and unconventional experiences to create content on social media and call for attention. When dining in at the restaurant, there are colorful flags on the table to call the staff, consisting of a red flag (Order) and yellow flag (SOS). With this flag-waving communication system, the staff are ready to serve customers conveniently throughout the meal. Consumers can experience these specialties at every “Chick-A-Boom Pop-up Store” branch, Mr. Panusak concluded.


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