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WhatIF Foods showcases regenerative sauces and condiments at FHA 2022

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WhatIF Foods, a planet-based food company founded on regenerative principles, has showcased its latest regenerative sauces and condiments at the recently concluded FHA, Food & Beverage Asia 2022 in Singapore. The company is known for making delicious noodles, shakes, soups and plant-based milk from the nutritious and high in protein Bambara groundnut.

At the expo, WhatIF Food has unveiled CNZ, which is made from concentrated virgin sugarcane juice, to replace the current use of coconut sugar that is labour intensive and not seen as environmentally friendly. The company describes CNZ as eco-friendly as it removes the need to clear forests and create more coconut plantation. It also saves time and resources as there is no need to melt coconut sugar discs down into liquid.

CNZ is also healthier as it contains minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium. It stays true to the traditional taste, texture and flavour profile of coconut sugar.

The future applications of CNZ include sauces and condiments, confectionery, syrups and sweeteners, bakery and pasteries, preserves and jam, beverages, ice creams and desserts.

WhatIF Foods has also unveiled KMZ, which is a kecap manis or sweetened sauce popular in Indonesia. KMZ has all the same benefits of CNZ and more. The ingredients used to make KMZ are virgin sugarcane juice, salt, yeast extract and soy sauce powder.

KMZ has a shelf life of 24 months and the current SKUs include KMZ Standard, KMZ Spicy and KMZ Mala/Szechuan.

What WhatIF Foods is doing is to bring the regnerative concept into more foods and drinks by replacing existing ingredients with more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives.


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