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Worldwide Launch of Callebaut’s Ruby RB2 Chocolates in Malaysia and 100% Dairy-Free Chocolates, NXT

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 15 – Callebaut, the chocolate maker preferred by artisans and chefs around the world is thrilled to debut its ground-breaking and innovative gourmet chocolates – ruby RB2, NXT Dark and NXT M_lk – in Malaysia.

Callebaut produced its first bar of chocolate in 1911 and began exporting its finest Belgian chocolates in 1950. Renowned for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Callebaut has become the preferred choice of renowned chefs, chocolatiers, and artisans worldwide. Callebaut’s extensive range of chocolate products set the industry standard for taste, craftsmanship, and creative possibilities. And today, Callebaut is made from traceable cocoa beans and is 100% sustainable.

Ruby RB2

Callebaut Ruby RB2, NXT Dark and NXT M_lk Chocolates

Ruby is the 4th chocolate after dark, milk and white. It has a distinctive intense fruitiness and fresh sour notes, along with its remarkable ruby color. Dedicated to artisans, ruby is a gift of Mother Nature. Callebaut ruby RB2 unleashes spark and takes chocolate indulgence to a new high. Its unique colour and taste of ruby RB2 originate from the ruby cocoa bean and has no artificial colorants or berry-like flavourings. Ruby RB2 is nature at its most indulgent.

The worldwide launch of Callebaut ruby RB2 in Malaysia underscores Callebaut’s confidence that the chocolate market in the country is also driven by emerging trends. As consumers look for more intense taste experiences, ruby RB2 satisfies their cravings for new chocolate sensations. Research shows that ruby resonates strongly with a new generation of consumers – mainly millennials (18–35 years old) who balance a healthy lifestyle with the quest for extreme pleasure. RB2 will also be most attractive to leading hotels, restaurants, cafes as well as bakery and pastry outlets in Malaysia.


Callebaut Ruby RB2, NXT Dark and NXT M_lk Chocolates

Similarly, Callebaut’s NXT is made for the next generation of chocolate lovers who want to do good, feel good and indulge better. 100% dairy-free, plant-based and vegan, NXT retains the same authentic taste and quality of traditional chocolates.

Today, we are launching NXT dark chocolate and NXT M_lk chocolate in Malaysia. Crafted with utmost care, NXT is inspired by and created for all chefs, chocolate lovers, as well as a growing community of vegan and plant-based foodies to surprise their taste buds with better ingredients for our planet and our wellbeing.

NXT is made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any detectable traces of milk or dairy – yet bringing you all the indulgence of traditional chocolates. Especially for NXT M_lk, its creamy mouthfeel comes from chufa, or the tiger nut, which is often referred to as a plant-based ‘milk’ that has a naturally sweet taste; it is also a sustainable ingredient with significantly lower carbon emissions compared to cow’s milk.

Complying with the strictest food standards in the industry, NXT is produced in a dedicated facility where no dairy ingredients are processed, and where NXT is made with sunflower lecithin and free of any artificial additives, flavourings or colourants.

(from left) Chef Lawrence, Chef Amanda, Robert Kotuszewski & Plinio Freitas at the Callebaut launch

According to Robert Kotuszewski, Managing Director of Barry Callebaut in Malaysia, the introduction of Callebaut ruby RB2 and NXT signal a renaissance for Malaysia’s chocolatiers, pastry chefs, artisans, bakers, hotels, restaurants, and caterers.

“Malaysians have an increasing desire for unique food experiences as well as health and wellness. Furthermore, more than half of the working population in Malaysia is Gen Zs and millennials. These young consumers bring a new level of spending power, snacking behavior and taste preferences. So, I am excited that we are launching Callebaut’s RB2 and NXT dark and m_lk chocolates today. We are equipping our customers with a new generation of chocolate inspiration and innovation which responds to the needs of the younger generations of consumers: taste good, feel good and do good!” said Robert.

Malaysian-born chocolatier and the Head Chef at the Chocolate Academy™ in Singapore, Chef Amanda Lim, said, “In the bakery and pastry world, Callebaut’s ruby RB2 and NXT dark and m_lk chocolates are a game changer. It sets a high standard in beautiful and dairy-free chocolate innovations and creations. I am excited to see innovative creations coming forward from these new Callebaut products and I can’t wait to see the prospects and opportunities they offer to Malaysian chefs and artisans.”

Award-winning Chef Lawrence Cheong, explained, “Ruby and NXT have opened up a whole world of creative possibilities in the chocolatiering world. Chefs are able to bring fresh and revamped creations that provide that intense indulgence that the consumers today crave for. I already see the potential of both sweet and savory pairings for Callebaut ruby RB2 while NXT Dark and M_lk chocolates have provided more versatility in creating great-tasting recipes for the growing demand in vegan and plant-based diets.”

For more information, please visit www.callebaut.com


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