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Bentoree gives Bentoree Café a new look

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Bentoree, known for its ready-to-eat meals and ready-to-drink coffee and herbal soup, has unveiled the latest look for its coffee products under the Bentoree Café series at MIHAS 2023.

The brand describes “Bentoree Café as the first premium cup ready-to-drink liquid coffee and milk tea in Malaysia. This series is freshly brewed with Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, milk and tea sourced worldwide.”

The new packaging design features a more prominent Bentoree Café logo and product name, and highlights the coffee beans/cocoa pod as the hero ingredient. This shift in focus reflects Bentoree’s commitment to quality and its desire to showcase the premium ingredients used in its products.

The updated packaging design is also more visually appealing and modern. The use of bold colors and simple fonts creates a clean and sophisticated look that is sure to stand out on store shelves.

Click here to purchase Bentoree Café from its official Shopee site now.


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