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Kraft aiming for mass market cheese in Indonesia

Kraft Ultrajaya has launched a mass market cheese in Indonesia to compete with the local brand Prochiz in the slice cheese market and Prochiz, Diamond and Megmilk Snow Brand in the processed block cheese market. Dairylea Qeju slice cheese is competitively priced at the same level as Prochiz slice cheese enabling Kraft Ultrajaya to broaden its reach to more consumers.

Slice cheese (IDR/KG)
Block cheese (IDR/KG)
The difference between Kraft and Dairylea is Kraft has more of the goodness of cheese than Dairylea Qeju in terms of protein and calcium.
Per serving (%) – slice cheese
With the debut of Dairylea Qeju, Prochiz and other local brands will no longer have the price advantage. Interestingly, Kraft has dissociated itself from the new mass market product by naming it Dairylea Qeju, a move seen as a conscious attempt to protect the Kraft premium image among consumers.


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