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Celsius fitness drink available in Malaysia

Image from Celsius Malaysia

Celsius fitness drink is available in Malaysia. The drink provides healthy energy and is proven to accelerate metabolism and burn body fat. Unlike other energy drinks, Celsius is formulated with green tea extracts, guarana seeds, taurine, and ginger extracts to keep you awake and improve your focus. It has no sugar, fat or preservatives without having to worry about sugar highs, jitters or energy crashes.

In Malaysia, Celsius is available in Sparkling Orange (Carbonated) and Peach Mango Green Tea (Non-Carbonated). The beverage is made in Malaysia under license from US-based Celsius Inc and is certified halal by JAKIM. Liquid Marketing Sdn Bhd is the local distributor.

Celsius is available at Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer and Lazada. The price per can is RM 4.20 (350ml).


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