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Refreshing with B’lue Crazy Cactus

To celebrate the arrival of summer, Sappe has introduced B’lue Crazy Cactus flavour to bring a new flavour to Thai consumers. B’lue is a flavored water vitamin drink by Danone Sappe Beverages Company Limited, a joint venture between Danone and Sappe.

B’lue Crazy Cactus is described by the company as “be surprised by the scent of cactus that will fully refresh you with benefits from vitamins. Be ready to get crazy without limit and unleash your true self.”

The existing B’lue flavours are lychee, calamansi, pear and peach.

B’lue Crazy Cactus is available exclusively at 7-Eleven before it will be made available at other retailers nationwide in the second half of 2020.

Danone previously launched the cactus and tangerine flavour in China in 2018 to match the adventurous spirit of urban teens.


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