Launches #Ox-traordinary Kids Campaign to foster creativity among kids

29 July 2021, Kuala Lumpur – 8 out of 10 parents encouraged their kids to pick their own outfits as a way of developing their creativity, revealed an Oxwhite study.

Based on a survey conducted recently on social media with over 600 mums and dads as respondents, more than 44% of parents encouraged their kids to pick their own outfit at ages 4-6 years old. This was followed by 1-3 years old (23%), 7-9 years old (20%), 10-12 years old (10%), and 13 years old and above (3%).

The findings demonstrated that when it comes to creativity, Malaysian parents hope their kids will start to develop creativity and curiosity at an early age. Hence, the brand launched #Ox-traordinary kids campaign, aimed at highlighting the importance of kids’ creative development and providing tips to cultivate creativity among kids.

“Creativity is using imagination to create. Letting kids pick their own outfits is one of the ways to develop their problem-solving skills and explore their world curiously. It can train their critical thinking skills and the ability to self-regulate”, said Reena Clare, an Art Psychotherapist from The Mind Faculty. She added that parents can introduce creativity at infancy through to any stage of the kids’ development well into adulthood and old age.

The study also found that 40% of kids usually spent 1-3 hours online per day based on the observation of their parents. It was also revealed that 23% of kids observed  4-5 hours screen time, 20% were less than 1 hour, and 17% were 6 hours and above.

Given the current pandemic, the lifestyle e-commerce brand believes parents will continue to play a vital role as kids are spending more time at home, going online for learning, playing and growing.

“Attributed to the pandemic, kids are adapting to the current norm and are more tech savvy. We also observed that half the number of respondents agreed on the need for their kids to have a good balance between online and offline activities.” said CK Changr, Founder of Oxwhite.

“In order to develop a creative and curious kid, now is the real time for us to look into kids’ creative development. Parents can get their kids involved in various activities such as salt dough sculptures, chalk drawing on the pavement, building toys, and at times, allowing them to lead the experience,” said Reena.

As part of the campaign, “We will also introduce Letting Kids be Kids, a parenting e-book for both parents and kids, including interactive activities such as Find the Right One, Connect The Colours, and How Many Can You Count? We believe through this engagement, it will further strengthen the bond between parents and kids, while helping kids develop creativity and curiosity,” said CK Changr. The e-book is available on Oxwhite website and parents can access it for free by downloading it.

“We hope to assist our parents in easing their challenge in nurturing their kids’ growth and personal development. We believe there is no better time to cater to both parents and kids in an effort to cultivate and develop creativity,” said CK Changr.

In conjunction with the campaign, Oxwhite will be partnering with The Mind Faculty, to host  an Instagram Live session on Oxwhite’s official Instagram account, 7th August 2021 at 1pm. The session to be presided by Rachel Tan, Head of Business, Oxwhite and Reena Claire, Children Psychotherapist, The Mind Faculty, will feature views on the topic of “Would you let your kids be kids?”. The interactive session is aimed at highlighting the need to develop kids’ creativity. Parents are invited to join and share their parenting challenges.

As part of the campaign, Oxwhite also introduced a new kids collection, themed “100% Kids Basic” with maximum comfort and no labels. This range will be available on its official website and marketplace stores on both Shopee and Lazada.

From now until 8th August,  Oxwhite customers can look forward to receiving surprises in the form of vouchers from BookXcess worth a total of RM5,000 and mattresses and foam pillows from Emma Mattress valued at a total of RM 5,378. To know more about #Ox-traordinary Kids Campaign, please visit www.oxwhite.com.

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