Home Press Release CP-Uoriki Debuts Its Two New Premium Japanese Seafood Outlets in Thailand

CP-Uoriki Debuts Its Two New Premium Japanese Seafood Outlets in Thailand

‘CP-Uoriki,’ a collaborative company between CP Food Global Solutions (CPFGS) and Uoriki, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its first two seafood outlets in Bangkok of Thailand. Situated at Lotus’s Sukhumvit 50 and Makro’s Srinakarin branch, these establishments are set to provide a top-tier Japanese seafood experience, featuring Omakase-level freshness and quality, making a genuine Japanese culinary experience accessible to the Thai populace.  

CP-UORIKI Company Limited takes pride in introducing ‘CP-Uoriki’ in the Thai market, meticulously selecting the finest seafood ingredients that mirror the quality found in Omakase restaurants across Japan. Directly sourced from various Japanese fish markets, the assortment includes premium bluefin tuna, Aomori’s salmon, Kagoshima’s yellowtail fish, Hokkaido’s hotate, and Iwate’s uni, bringing a taste of Japan’s exquisite seafood to Thailand.  

Sujarit highlighted the synergy between CPFGS’s expertise in global food distribution and Uoriki’s hundred-year legacy in delivering fresh fish and seafood.”Our aim is to provide consumers with premium quality food that truly reflects the Japanese culinary heritage. For genuine authenticity and to maintain the highest standards, we’ve ensured our chefs undergo extensive training, mentored by specialists from Japan,” elaborated Mr. Sujarit.  

The company aims to establish additional outlets across various prestigious shopping centers in Bangkok and other provinces, with a goal of reaching 100 branches within the next five years.  

Masayuki Yamada, President of Uoriki Co., Ltd. and the third generation to carry on the company’s legacy, showcased a traditional Japanese tuna cutting ceremony at the opening event, a skill perfected over more than a century. Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Mr. Yamada said, “It’s a momentous occasion as we bring Uoriki’s rich heritage and the authentic Japanese seafood dining experience to Thailand through ‘CP-Uoriki’. This venture, born out of our collaborative efforts with CPFGS, is dedicated to providing an unparalleled, fresh, and healthy culinary experience to our customers.”  


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