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Halal seems a safer bet amidst concern over gutter oil scandal

Yeh Wen-hsiang, chairman of Chang Guann Company, detained on fraud charges

The Taiwanese gutter oil scandal has resulted in hundreds of food products in Taiwan banned. Some of these gutter oil has already being exported to overseas including to Hong Kong, Macau, China and Malaysia. The tainted oil was collected from grease traps, fryers and cookers and mixed it with lard oil. The company behind the scandal Chang Guann Company (強冠企業)  has been fined and its chairman Yeh Wen-hsiang has been arrested on fraud charges.

What the tainted food has in common is these products are not halal as they contain lard oil. Vedan and Want Want instant noodles along with burgers from fast-food chain MOS Burger were among the many recalled products tainted with Chang Guann lard oil.

Halal products, which are free from non-permissible ingredients including lard oil, seem a safer bet amidst concern over gutter oil. This can be an interesting time for halal food manufacturers especially from Malaysia to project themselves as safe-to-eat food, free from tainted lard oil.

Halal-certified Malaysia’s Aroi Penang instant noodle selling in Macau.


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