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11street and Mead Johnson Guarantee Authenticity of Enfagrow Products Sold on the E-commerce Platform

In light of the recent incident in Johor, where over 210 boxes of infant formula were seized and determined to be fake, 11street would like to assure parents that all baby products available on 11street are certified authentic[1].

Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising for 11street said: “As Malaysia’s number two online marketplace, we place a great deal of emphasis in selecting only the best sellers, through a thorough screening process to ensure that their products sold on our platform are genuine, and most importantly, authentic. This layer of security from our end is to provide our consumers with a total peace of mind and confidence when shopping on 11street.

“On that note, we can assure our consumers that Mead Johnson’s range of Enfragrow products – a line of products nutritionally tailored for toddlers and pregnant women – sold on our platform are guaranteed to be authentic.  As one of the leading manufacturers of infant formula globally, Mead Johnson remains steadfast in its commitment to ensure the quality of its products, and we share this vision in offering only trustworthy products to our consumers.”

Enfagrow is currently one of 11street’s Star Brand, and in conjunction with this, consumers will receive an additional 10% discount and enjoy free shipping.  Consumers who wish to purchase Enfagrow products online are advised to do so through its official online store, found on 11street at http://www.11street.my/store/mjnofficialstore.

On top of Enfagrow, 11street also features a host of other baby formula products, such as those from Isomil & Similac, Pediasure, and Wyeth S26. All these brands own their respective certified stores on www.11street.my, which guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on 11street.

[1] Sourced from http://www.marketing-interactive.com/over-200-boxes-of-fake-infant-formula-seized-by-jb-authorities/

About 11street (www.11street.my)

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