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Go Go Go with Indomilk Good to Go

Indomilk has released Indomilk Good to Go, a multi-cereal milk drink in Indonesia. It contains oats, red rice, malt and grain with a choice of chocolate & apricot flavour or banana & strawberry flavour. It is low in fat and is said to be a good source of fibre. 

The milk drink is aimed at providing the extra satiety to help make you full so that you can continue with your activities. The multi-cereal milk energy concept taps into the natural energy-giving properties of cereal and milk. 

The energy from milk theme is currently being used by Malaysia’s Goodday for its Goodday Charge chocolate UHT milk with 10 nutrients. 

Goodday Charge with 10 nutrients

The chocolate & avocado flavour taps into the growing interest in avocado as an ingredient and flavour in beverages such as avocado coffee and flavoured milk eg HiLo Chocolate Avocado


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